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University Overview

An overview of some of my favourite projects while studying at RMIT University and the University of Adelaide.

Futura Typeface Poster

What does typography really stem from? A poster delving into the roots of a selected typeface and inhibiting the graphic design style of its era.

Vaping Amongst Teenagers

A particular focus on E-Cigarettes and their appeal to high school students. This included making an A4 information book as well as an artefact which proposed action in the style of pop art.

Kitchen Typographic Poster

Design of a poster using an assigned kitchen ingredient. In this instance, ketchup was used to create unique typographic forms which were later rendered digitally.

Valorant Artefact

An in-depth case study on the PC Gaming Industry. With a particular focus on Valorant. Looking at their social demographic audience and being able to produce and artefact that considers the recent interest in Japanese based aesthetics. 

Exploration of spot colouring. Focusing on a hero image and expanding to create stories around the graphic.

Microplastic Infestation Poster

Fraktur: Made by Germans, Banned by Germans

Unravelling the sector of underrepresented typefaces. A particular focus on how such a typeface can cause this level of disruption and ceased to existed during Nazi ruling.

Looking into a large based design studio and highlighting what makes it such a successful group of designers.

Studio Practices

Personality Portrait

The key question: What brings you to design? A portrait to demonstrate your feeling towards design.

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