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Portfolio Overview

An overview of some of my favourite projects.

Hardmission Redesign

A Redesign of an upcoming event, Hardmission Bangkok.

- Blender

- Adobe Illustrator

- Adobe Photoshop

Artboard 2_3x.png

Evolution Events Website Concept

A Redesign of Evolution Event's Website and introducing a Promoter HUB Structure.

Evo Presentation Mockup.png

Springvale Botanic Cemetery

A brand identity design for the Springvale Botanic Cemetery including a redesigned logo and user interface platform for wayfinding.

RMIT Open Day 2022

The design for a poster and promotional material for RMIT's Open Day in 2022.


RMIT China Icons Tee

Runner Up for the design of RMIT's own merchandise store.


National Suicide Prevention Conference

A commissioned poster design for the NSPC held in Canberra.

Disney x Frank Green

The design of a limited edition gift box and surface graphic featuring Winnie the Pooh


Prada: The Action of the Tiger

Finalist in Prada's Action of the Tiger social campaign in light of Lunar New Year.


My design encapsulates the symbolism of the tigers as humans and to what extent one's will to succeed can be stopped. Tigers in the wild may possibly be extinct in the next 20 years, with their decline becoming of importance to save endangered species.

Wellington Secondary College Yearbook

96 Page Yearbook for the Class of 2021 at Wellington Secondary College

Dreaming Blooms

A local Melbourne start up business selling hand crocheted flower bouquets.

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