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I am a student at the University of Adelaide currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Media (Visual Design) and Bachelor of Laws.

Top Designs

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VCAA Top Designs, Melbourne Museum 

Top Designs showcases a selection of Victoria's brightest VCE design students, offering a glimpse into the future of contemporary Australian design. 

Torrens University and Billy Blue College of Design

“An excellent response to a defined problem. Although not as flamboyant or visually-extravagant as. This submission stands out for its professional levels of restraint, consistency in application, as well as its adaptability to work across traditional and non-traditional mediums. There are a number of considered components that collectively form a cohesive and convincing response. As a visual identity project, there is a welcome maturity underpinning all pieces. In particular, the style guide shows consideration to how the design pieces will be used, along with being a pleasing piece of identity design in its own right. A lovely piece of identity work that reveals a promising young graphic and communication designer.”

- Torrens University, Australia

The University of Melbourne Principals Scholarship

The Melbourne Principal’s Scholarship is an exciting opportunity for very high-achieving students from Australia and overseas. It’s designed to help you embrace the challenges and excitement of undergraduate study at the University of Melbourne.
Particularly in recognition of their academic achievement and contribution to their school or wider community.
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